Earth Day

One day, the usually oblivious humans looked down at their feet, and noticed a most curious thing. They were standing on something. “How odd,” one said. “How very unusual,” remarked another.

A wise person was consulted, who explained to one and all that the strange rocklike prominence beneath them was a largish spherical mass known as “Earth”.

At this delightful news, there was general rejoicing amongst the humans. “How marvelous!” said one. “How fantastical!” remarked another. A celebration was thrown in honor of the Earth. The Mayor issued a solemn proclamation, declaring that this day was henceforth to be known as “Earth Day”.

All the humans smiled, and professed loudly to each other how dearly they loved the Earth, each rushing to proclaim a desire only to cherish and to protect such a wonderful thing. Throughout the special marvelous day, a great time was had by all, and the humans felt balanced, and whole, and at peace.

Then the next day they forgot all about it.

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