Production mode

For some reason the muse has struck.

These last few days I’ve been going to sleep early, waking up at 4am, and showing up at the lab before sunrise. By the time everyone else has shown up, I’ve already put in a full day’s work.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish by 10am if you start well before 6am. For example, sometime this morning, between other tasks, I tossed off an 8K×8K version of my procedural planet for an upcoming art show.

Each day, in the early afternoon, I head home to do a solid exercise workout, and then come back to the lab for round two, getting in another five or six hours. And no alcohol at all.

The strange thing is that none of this is requiring any effort. Something has just flipped in my head right now, saying “ok, time to get a whole lot of things done”.

The hardest part has been forcing myself to stay in bed until 4am.

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