The experiment was a success

Having taken a Greyhound Express eight hours from New York to Pittsburgh on Friday and then another eight hours back on Sunday, I am happy to report, with unalloyed enthusiasm, that the experiment was a success.

I managed to get a vast amount of work done in those sixteen-odd hours. Before my trip I had made a long wish list of all the things I had hoped to create en route, and what I actually ended up accomplishing exceeded even my most optimistic estimates

Although, all things considered, I would rather take a train. Alas, there is no direct train route between New York and Pittsburgh, so the bus will have to do.

I noticed that not everybody on the bus seemed as happy as I did to be taking such a long ride. I wonder whether they would like it more if they learned how to program. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The experiment was a success”

  1. Do you do anything special to avoid car sickness? I can manage to code for long periods on planes and trains, but the bumpiness of bus rides usually sickens me.

  2. Hmmm…I’m thinking this is an opportunity for a partnership with Greyhound.
    People who sign up for the Express Programming bus get to their destination and they have learned to program by the time they get there. 8 hours with App Inventor would be more than enough to have them writing Android apps!

  3. Rob: Interestingly, I felt no car sickness. I do experience car sickness when I try to read in the back seat of a car. I can’t explain why a car and a bus would be different in that way, but apparently they are, at least for me.

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