Alien filter

We take so much for granted as humans in our perception of the world, from bilateral symmetry to the privileging of human faces and voices in our observation of the world around us.

It makes perfect sense that we are this way, since our higher brain functioning evolved largely to facilitate complex and subtle interactions with other humans (as well as the occasional co-evolved species, such as dogs).

It would be interesting to be able to temporarily impose an “Alien filter” on our perception, to remove our human-centric bias from the way we perceive the world around us. You would certainly want such a filter to be temporary, since using it would, from a certain perspective, make you functionally insane.

But the insights to be gained from such a visit to an alien’s point of view might be quite beneficial. We might discover how to see familiar objects and concepts in new and potentially useful ways.

One thought on “Alien filter”

  1. Animals perceive the world very differently from us. Better hearing & sense of smell, eyes more tuned to motion detection than focused images, etc.

    I’d be very curious to “see” how my cat perceives his environment.

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