Mind reading in North Carolina

Now that North Carolina has made it illegal for people of the same sex to love each other, I wonder what might happen, should science develop an effective way to read minds.

I have this image of large numbers of fire breathing right leaning politicians and their supporters being outed. Throughout the state, various scions of their community, having built their entire lives around denial and suppression of their own homosexuality, would suddenly be found out for being that most feared and hated of all creatures — an adult human being capable of feeling love and caring for another adult human being, without first checking to see whether their particular love is politically correct.

Eventually, one presumes, North Carolina will outlaw all forms of caring and affection, such emotions being an affront to God and Jesus and all that is right and holy. Parents found caring for their children will be rounded up and shot like vermin, as bonding and emotional attachment gradually come to be recognized as obscene and un-American.

Especially if this whole mind reading technology thing happens. In that case, the entire citizenry of North Carolina may find itself outed. People who, for fear of being labeled as social deviants, had desperately hidden their love and affection for parents, siblings, children and neighbors, will come to be seen for what they are — human beings capable of love, apparently the ultimate and most unforgivable of crimes.

I am afraid that when this happens, all the citizens of North Carolina will, in the name of simple decency, proceed to shoot each other on sight, until the entire populace lies dead in a collective pool of blood.

Because, if the new law in North Carolina is to be believed, we cannot have something as unforgivable as the simple feeling of love between one person and another. Not among decent God fearing people.

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