Love insurance

Today I was talking with some Canadian friends about what is now in Canada called “employment insurance” — insurance in the event one fails to remain employed. In the U.S. this is called “unemployment insurance”.

One of my friends argued that we in the U.S. have this backwards. After all, health insurance is not called “sickness insurance”, and life insurance is not called “death insurance”.

It then occurred to me that couples should be able to take out insurance in the event they have a falling out that leads to divorce. If my Canadian friend is right, this should be called “love insurance”.

Perhaps there could be lower priced alternatives, if you can’t afford the high premium payments for full-on love insurance. One could imagine a descending scale, to insure the maintenance of more problematic relationships.

For perhaps half the rate of the premium policy, you could take out “`You could do worse’ insurance”.

Below that would be “`I am really not going to argue with you about this’ insurance”.

And if you are seriously strapped for cash, you can always get the bargain basement “`What am I, chopped liver?’ insurance”.

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