A curious thing

I’ve been noticing a curious thing: Every year, there are more younger people.

I’m not sure where they all come from. Perhaps there is a factory somewhere that manufactures younger people. While I wouldn’t rule this out as an explanation, I would find it surprising, given that the United States long ago outsourced its manufacturing industry to other parts of the world.

Even more mysterious is another phenomenon I’ve been noticing: Every year, there are fewer older people.

Now, I am not one to go in for conspiracy theories, but I cannot help thinking there may be some connection here. Could it be that there is some strange mechanism at work, which “converts” older people to younger people?

Perhaps they go into a kind of machine, like some sort of retrochronomic tanning salon. An older person makes an appointment, sits there and reads a magazine for a few hours, maybe on their lunch break, and Voila! a younger person comes out.

None of this really disturbs me. After all, the one reliable thing I have noticed as the years go by, is that I myself remain completely unchanged.

It is good to have at least one thing you can rely on.

3 thoughts on “A curious thing”

  1. Sharon, I don’t know about that. I’m still trying to wrap my head around incarnation. 🙂

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