Sweet Popcorn Gal, part 4

“What if,” he said while they were walking to the movie theater, “the title of our musical is something that describes itself, maybe an acronym.”

“Can you give me an example?” she asked.

“How about ‘My Enchanted Theatre Adventure.'”

“Nice!” she said, impressed. “Very meta indeed.”

“Thank you kindly,” he said. “Your turn.”

She pondered in silence for a bit. “OK, I’ve got it. ‘Endless Parade Of New York Melodies.'”

“Of course, an eponym! Clever.”

By this point they had arrived that the theatre, and he noticed that there was no line at the concession stand. He asked if she wanted any popcorn.

“Where I come from we have sweet popcorn. I never really had a taste for the other kind.”

“A scary movie without popcorn?”

“Sorry,” she shrugged. “I guess I’m just a sweet popcorn gal.”

That made him laugh. He was still smiling when the movie started.

The film was surprisingly good, much better than the average horror movie, but also a lot more intense than either of them had thought it would be.

During one particularly scary scene she clung to him instinctively. That was the moment he realized they would name their musical “Sweet Popcorn Gal.”

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