Green cheese on the moon, continued

On this lunar green cheese question, I’m tempted to agree with Brad. There doesn’t seem to be any upside to having a “debate” when the person wiith whom you are “debating” is simply affirming core beliefs that cannot be demonstrated to be either true or false. None of which particularly matters, until people start getting all emotionally worked up about those things, and start to insist that you must be a player in their drama..

There aught to be a way for those of us who don’t want to argue the pros and cons of such subjects to indicate that we are opting out of these debates. I propose some sort of logo, perhaps something we can wear on our lapel, and point to when such things come up. Here is my humble attempt at a design:

Feel free to copy, or mount on a hat, pin, or T-shirt. When asked what your beliefs are on [BLAH BLAH], simply point with pride to your lapel and explain: “No green cheese”.

7 thoughts on “Green cheese on the moon, continued”

  1. I guess the only chance you have is not to go for pros and cons in the “debate” of a green cheees believer, because that is something he/she or they are not interested in.
    But try “open” questions, like who, why, how, etc. and make them explain themselves. If you train this for some time, you will have fun with it and each of your green cheese believers will end up in a corner and run away from you…
    One of my favourite questions is, what makes you believe that you are right with this? Then wait for the answer and shoot another why….
    That is not nice? Well…

  2. I like what Dagmar says, but I think it only makes sense if:

    1) You’re bored.
    2) You like, or have hope for, the person you’re talking to.
    3) … I think that’s it. 🙂

  3. @brad

    You are completely right. I actually never really saw it from this direction. Often when I use this questions I try to understand. Just turning away from someone is not really mine. 🙂

    I would add one topic to your list:

    3) You want to reach a target in business or politics.

  4. If the intention is to head off confrontation, then it might be helpful to have a “green cheese” business card that you can hand the people. Then they can go to a website and see what they’ve been missing. Imagine a door-to-door Jehovanite. You just open the door a slit and hand him/her your card.
    ( btw: nice logo!)

  5. I just sing them that famous Monkee’s tune entitled “Green Cheese Believer” and they tend to quiet down…

  6. I find it sort of funny that this topic arises during the high holy days, a time which, from my perspective, one has a heightened chance of exposure to such cheese in the sky conversations. When someone tries to round you up into such a debate just tell them that their theory is full of holes 😉

  7. Personally, I like the green cheese believers… Especially the ones that come proseltyzing from the great state of Utah…

    It is so important to them that you believe in lunar cheese that they will do pretty much anything to have access to your ear…

    They come to your door, and innocuously ask “is there anything we can do for you?”

    “why yes! my kitchen is a mess!”

    They will gleefully wash your dishes for the small price of having to learn the benefits of the glory of cheese. Why would I want to make them face the absurdity of their beliefs? My kitchen is now clean.

    (true story)

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