Braille writer

I wanted to learn to write Braille, and I figured the most useful thing to do was to implement a Braille writer java applet. That way other people could also use it to learn how to write Braille.

I actually started it the other day, but got distracted by other things. So today I finished it up, and I’ve put it on-line at

Seems like one of those things that should have already been out there somewhere as a free resource. Better late than never.

One thought on “Braille writer”

  1. Greetings, Thanks for posting this. It is a nice way to practice for the perkins brailler. Any way to make a space between the words? Working on learning level 2 braille and tenji (braille for Japanese). Any other sites I should check out? What did you use to write your program?

    Thanks in advance. pax, H

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