Sonnet at dawn

Two empty glasses sparkle in the light
While I stand within the doorway in repose
And watch them for a moment, for I chose
To leave them as a token from the night
As though the hours hadn’t sped on by
And unwelcome daylight hadn’t come at all
As though the foolish Sun had missed her call
And forgotten to appear within the sky
But the curs’d glasses sparkle all the same
Reminding me the all too faithful Sun
Has heralded another day begun
I turn away and softly call your name

      How pale seems this early morning light
      Compared with one now gone with ended night

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  1. LastSilmaril says:

    Great…between this and the Hamlet post, it looks like I’m gonna have to add “reread Shakespeare” to the list of things to do after May 13th 😉

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