Under development

To: AMC Television Networks programming management
Re: New series development

We believe that we are on the trail of an exciting new series concept, although the exact title remains elusive. Following are some of the more promising ideas we have been batting around.

As always, your suggestions and feedback are welcome.

The writing staff

The Gawking Dead: The recently deceased rise from the grave and stare at us.

The Stalking Dead: The dead crawl out of cemeteries everywhere, and proceed to follow us around. But we never see them because they are really good at remaining unnoticed.

The Sporking Dead: A strange fog descends upon the earth. When it has lifted, millions of recently dead people are found wandering the cities and the countryside, clutching eating utensils. Scientists are unable to determine whether these utensils are spoons or forks. Panic ensues.

The Hawking Dead: Zombies return from the dead and try to sell us stuff. [Editor’s note: There may be opportunities here for product tie-ins. Also, has anyone contacted Stephen Hawking’s people?]

The Dworkin Dead: A mysterious world-wide virus causes the dead to return to life en masse with a raised feminist conscience. Half of them wage war upon the other half, whose consciences they feel have not been sufficiently raised.

The Walken Dead: All over the world, dead people rise from their graves and begin doing impressions of Christopher Walken. After only a week of this, everyone else has committed suicide, and civilization as we know it comes to an end.

6 thoughts on “Under development”

  1. Except for those who come back but refuse to do home repairs. Those would be The Balking Dead.

  2. Well. that would be better than the one where deceased university professors come back to life, only to encounter a world that has been utterly transformed by technology.

    The disoriented academics end up shambling aimlessly through the world in search of a blackboard.

    Working title: The Chalking Dead.

  3. The Mocking Dead: The dead come to life to tease you.

    The Docking Dead: The dead sail boats around and around until they finally secure them.

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