More acrostics…

Marriage’s offenses reportedly expose
A clashing rage or sparking temper. I can suppose
‘Tis only true eternal love. Light inspires flames.
Youth overwhelms unthinkingly, adulthood reclaims
Every raging emotion, always dramatic,
Incendiary – no grandiose – basically ecstatic.
‘Tis wild exuberance, even now the heart
Exulting love’s inspired never ending start.

2 Responses to “More acrostics…”

  1. davidmaas says:

    Splatter poetry! Love it!
    (To be honest… breaking the forced structures would – methinks – make it stronger, but then I’m an old Robert Crowley student)

  2. admin says:

    Sorry David, I don’t understand. What is “splatter poetry”, and what does it have to do with either poems about marital relationships or acrostic blog posts?

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