Apocalypse and canned goods

“Ooh, Sandy
Could we spend the day together?
You know how rainy weather
Gets me down when I’m alone
You, Sandy
You gotta be a friend today”

      — The Carpenters

Waiting here in New York City for Hurricane Sandy to sweep up the Atlantic coast, while everyone stocks up on canned food and candles just in case things go badly, it’s hard not to think of “The Walking Dead”, and how easily disaster can move from TV reality to actual reality.

Apropos of apocalypse and canned goods, my cousin sent me this delightful video, courtesy of my current favorite genius, Joss Whedon:


2 thoughts on “Apocalypse and canned goods”

  1. Saw it yesterday…yah, genius.
    Have been putting off The Walking Dead for a while; maybe now’s a good time to load it up…

  2. Apropos of the comparison to The Walking Dead: I guess when our lives are more or less “normal”, the metaphors and extremes of supernatural tales can be really helpful to give us clarity. On days like today when the real power of natural forces is so much more evident than usual, perhaps the metaphors are less necessary.

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