A memorable Halloween

The city is postponing this year’s Greenwich Village Halloween parade until this coming Sunday, but the really scary part has already happened. Alas, not everyone survived the ravages of Sandy — dozens of people were killed by the storm.

Fortunately, for most people in Manhattan the after-effects have varied from none to mild annoyance (losing electricity) to more than mild annoyance (losing electricity and water). My building is in the mild annoyance category.

Thanks to the very prompt and professional response by the city, the effects have been minimized, and there has been no disorder at all that I have seen. I even walked by a U.S. army truck full of soldiers in field dress, which I found quite comforting — it tells me that the Federal Government is helping NY to get back on its feet.

New Yorkers, I have come to learn, are a hardy bunch. We’ve survived some pretty horrific stuff, and we have a way of sticking together when things get tough. This has indeed been a memorable Halloween. With any luck, our Halloweens to come will be a little less memorable.

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