Today, on the long walk back from my successful quest to find and procure the ideal two-slot toaster for my temporary digs in Vancouver, I amused myself by singing songs aloud as I strolled along on this perfect summer’s day, down E 7th Avenue and across Main Street, past the Gene Cafe and the Antisocial Skateboard Shop.

There was plenty of time during my journey to exercise a varied and culturally diverse vocal repertoire. This being Canada, I made sure that Neil Young and Leonard Cohen were generously represented. Yet I freely admit that the Beatles were, as usual, the most fun to sing.

I wonder now, thinking back on the day, whether any of the natives were at all non-plussed at the sight of a strange man walking down their street while belting out the chorus of “Yellow Submarine”, a brand new toaster tucked securely under one arm.

Then again, I’m sure they understood.