A Nose for Danger, part 24

While I was cooling my heels in the town jail, I had a lot of time to find out from the chief why they brought me in. It seems they got an anonymous tip earlier that evening. While I was wandering the streets, lost in my thoughts, and then visiting Sam in the hospital, the cops had gotten a warrant, entered my office, found a gun, done a ballistic match, and had concluded that it was the same gun that killed Winthrop, Whiskers and Manny, as well as wounding Sam. I was impressed they’d moved so fast.

Well, I figured, the good news is we now know there was a single gunman. The bad news is the cops think it’s me.

There wasn’t any point telling the chief I’d been framed. They had me fair and square on planted evidence. No, I was going to need to find a way out of here so I could crack this case. prove my innocence, and nail the real perp.

I asked the chief if they’d seen Rebecca, and the answer came back no. Seems she’d woken up by then, left me a note, and gone on her way. The chief was nice enough to hand me the note:

Dearest Mr. Smellephant,

Thank you so much for your kindness and consideration earlier this evening. Partaking of your proffered “medicine”, unorthodox as it was, has certainly served to calm my nerves, which is a great blessing in this time of trials and ordeals.

I shall endeavor not to make a habit of indulging in such medicine in future, tempting as it may be. That being said, it is wonderful to know that you are such a thoughtful and constant friend.

I remain yours, as ever,

Rebecca Winthrop

I remember thinking, while I read the note, that Rebecca was a sweet kid, and it was a shame that she had to be messed up in this kind of nasty business.

Meanwhile, I had problems to solve. It wasn’t just that I needed to prove my innocence. It was also the problem that sooner or later the killer would find out that Sam was still alive.

If that happened while I was still stuck in this jail cell, I had a hunch Sam wouldn’t be alive for much longer.