Applied autophoricology

This morning, after initially refusing to release a package of Veggie Chips I had paid for fair and square, an errant vending machine abruptly changed its mind and disgorged two packages at once. Initially delighted by my new found fortune, my elation turned to despair upon perusing the ingredients, when I discovered that these Veggie Chips contained milk, which I do not consume.

Upon arriving at my meeting, I offered the two packages to the several carnivores in the room, who happily ripped open and devoured the Veggie treats, whilst my fellow vegan and I looked wryly at one another, both realizing we would go hungry, yet both amused by the irony of the situation.

A few minutes later, my vegan colleague pulled out from his pocket two large Lifesaver mint candies, promptly offering one to me and retaining the other for his own imminent enjoyment. Gratefully I accepted the proffered gift, and told him “This is a real Lifesaver.”

The moment the words left my lips I realized I had spoken autophorically. While the moment hung in the air, I found myself wondering — as I do now — whether this new found tendency toward autophorical utterance was in any way prompted by my recent traversal of said topic within these very pages.

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  1. sally says:

    i was wondering recently if Lifesavers were so named because they were the kind of “quick sugar”candy one would have ready for diabetics, thus really making them Lifesavers.

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