Rock and roll hotel

Changing up the theme for a day — for the sake of those who are not interested in 4D — I had a wonderful thought today.

Imagine that a hotel owner got a hold of the names of various rock and roll groups, and decided to create a theme hotel, where each room honors one of the names on the list.

But here’s the kicker: The hotel owner doesn’t know anything about rock and roll, and in fact doesn’t realize that these are the names of music groups.

I imagine such a hotel would be a very interesting. One room would be filled with little stones that roll around, and another would contain giant sculptures of beetles. Yet another would feature crickets. Down the hall would be a room where all the furniture was made of lead, and shaped like little zeppelins.

I had some trouble with “Radiohead”, until I realized that a room could be filled with portaits of top executives from the radio industry. These would be the radio heads, of course.

I’m sure I’m missing lots more. Does anybody else have any suggestions?

One piece of advice: I’d stay away from the Heavy Metals. After all, who’d want to stay in a hotel room build around the theme of Anthrax or Poison?

One thought on “Rock and roll hotel”

  1. Hmm… Smashing Pumpkins sounds a bit messy, Nirvana sounds like a very pleasant place to stay, The Cure would be great for folks with a fear of needles, The Arcade Fire for the pyromaniacs, The Kinks and Alice In Chains for the bondage enthusiasts, The Doors would be rather confusing, Death Cab for Cutie and The Killers for the horror fans, 50 Cent for the budget-minded, The B52s and U2 for aviation enthusiasts… Aaand that’s all I have right now.

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