Song of Eden

The Gods of Eden came to town
They only came to look around
When all was done, they somehow found
The time to take us in

The Gods of Eden swept aside
The protests of the child bride
“Oh come,” they said “and lose your pride,
There’s no denying sin.”

I held you once upon this shore
I said there’s room for so much more
You laughed and showed me to the door
Oh where’s your laughter now?

The Gods of Eden blew this town
For something evil’s going down
Well, who am I to wear their crown
And would you show me how?

I know you’ve named them in your sleep
You’re in too far, you’re in too deep
Of all the secrets you would keep
Was I the last to know?

The Gods of Eden never leave
They never cry, they never grieve
But they have told me, by your leave
That it was time to go

Oh yes, they’ve told me, by your leave
That it is time to go

2 thoughts on “Song of Eden”

  1. Greetings, Ken:

    The Gods of Eden may come and go, but it seems the MAGI blend combinatorially into the blogosphere.

    I see you haven’t strayed much from the NYU environs, whilst I have traveled far and wide in the intervening years. I have retired to the Duke environs with my grad-student wife, Trish.

    I hope all is well with you and yours.


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