Nighttime taxi

As I got out of the subway this evening and crossed Sixth Avenue on my way home, I saw a young woman attempting, with no success whatsoever, to hail a taxi. It was clear, from her body language and her general sense of frustration, that she had been standing there trying to get a cab for a long time.

After I crossed the avenue, I heard a man’s voice behind me, shouting “Miss!”

As someone who has lived in Manhattan for years, I didn’t need to look around to know what was going on. There was only one reason the man would be trying to get her attention.

I was closer to the young woman, who clearly hadn’t heard the guy calling to her. “Hello!” I shouted in her direction, and she turned to look at me, confused. I pointed to the other side of Sixth Avenue. “There’s a cab. Somebody is just getting out.”

Suddenly the young woman became focused, and quickly crossed over to the taxi. Just as she got in she turned around and waved a thank you. I gave her a thumbs up, and continued on my way home. The system had worked.

I love being back in New York City.

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