Human energy over time

I had the good fortune to be invited to attend a retirement celebration this evening for Fran Brill, one of the great Sesame Street muppeteers. The sheer talent in the room was breathtaking. Many of my favorite muppet characters were there — Miss Piggy, Big Bird, Grover, Snuffleupagus and more — all cleverly disguised in their human form.

The evening prominently featured a whirlwind review of her body of work through the decades. There is something marvelous about seeing the result of many years of creativity, artfully conveyed through a single evening’s worth of representative samples.

We are only human, and in any given month or year we can accomplish only so much. But the result of decade after decade of dedicated talent, focus and effort can be astounding.

There are times when I feel that I’m not getting enough done, and I lose heart — but then I see something like this. It reminds me of the power of human energy over time, and I am newly energized.

The takeaway here: Find something you love, just put one foot in front of another, and keep going. In the long run, it’s all going to be wonderful.

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