Sheldon, part 26

“What do you mean, you really disappeared?”

“Haven’t you learned anything dear? You keep hopping from one reality to another, but you never stop to think it through.”

“Think what through?”

“Charlotte, you have the wonderful ability to be completely in whatever reality you are in. That truly is a marvelous thing. But not everybody is as talented as you are.”

“I don’t understand.” Charlotte looked genuinely confused.

“Let me try,” said Charlotte’s dad. “What do you think a ghost is?”

“The spirit of a dead person?”

“We prefer ‘formerly living’,” Sheldon interjected.

“Sorry, no offense,” Charlotte said contritely.

“None taken.”

“But that’s not quite the whole of it,” Charlotte’s dad continued. “A ghost is a person who is alive in the wrong reality. A kind of misplaced person, you might say.”

“I’m in the wrong reality?” Sheldon asked wonderingly.

“Well yes, but not completely,” Charlotte’s mom explained. “That’s the problem, young man. Our Charlotte attracts that sort of thing.”

“Wait,” Charlotte said, “Mom, is that what happened to you and dad when you disappeared? You went to the wrong reality?”

“Well yes, pumpkin, that sort of thing has been happening to us for a long time. It hasn’t been easy being your parents.”

“You mean, this is all my fault?”

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