Everything you always wanted to know about Inside Out (but were afraid to ask)

I wish somebody would do the following mash-up of Inside Out and Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask:

Our scene is set in New York City. Young Riley is now all grown up, and she’s enrolled as a student at NYU.

Who should she be on a first date with, but that guy from the 1972 Woody Allen movie. Inside Riley’s mind are Joy, Sadness, and the usual gang. Inside the young man’s mind are the crew from ’72: Burt Reynolds as Switchboard, Tony Randall as The Operator, Stanley Adams as Stomach Operator, Oscar Beregi as Brain Control, and of course Norman Alden as Brain Technician.

If you really want to see this film, do not watch the Woody Allen movie first, because it totally gives away how the evening will end.

But other than that, what kind of movie would it be? Personally, I think it should just be handed over to Pete Docter and Woody Allen to co-direct. Let them duke it out.

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