My day

I spent most of the day finishing up a 3D modeling software package that I started implementing a few days ago. Today was the day I added support for textures of various kinds.

To test everything out, I created a little “rogue’s gallery” of objects. Over the course of the day I kept going back to these objects, to make sure they still looked like they should. So I spent much of the day watching these shapes swirling around on my computer screen.

I didn’t realize how embedded this collection of shapes was in my mind until this evening, when I went to see some experimental theater. At the very beginning of the play, the performers handed out paper and markers, and asked us to draw an image that represented our day.

I ended up sketching the collection of animated objects that I’d been staring at for hours. Which is when I realized how much this particular collection of shapes had seeped into my brain.

So here, for your amusement, is my day — not a mere sketch on paper, but the computer graphic original, in all of its hopelessly nerdy glory:

In case you were wondering, the complete text on the bagel-like thing on the lower right says “This is not a bagel.” It is, I suppose, a sort of New Yorker’s version of Magritte.

2 Responses to “My day”

  1. thibault says:

    I was secretly hoping for a “this is not a mug”, to be super-meta with a topological Magritte joke 😉

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, that’s GENIUS! Or an anagram of it, anyway.

    But that would be stretching it. I am not sure I can handle an analogy with that many holes in it before my morning cup of coffee.


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