In the last few days I have visited labs within both Facebook and Google where my colleagues are doing cutting edge work in VR technology. In both cases I signed NDAs, so I can’t tell you (or anybody else) what I saw.

But I can say that I am thrilled and delighted to see that so many smart people are pouring so much intelligence and serious engineering chops into advancing the field. Things are moving forward by leaps and bounds, and future reality is indeed rapidly becoming reality.

One thing that always strikes me when I visit such places is the culture of the campus. You need to pass through security to get in, but once you are inside, it fees like you’re a kid in a candy store. They treat people very well at these places. Exercise rooms, massages, snack bars, mediation centers, plentiful and delicious food any time of day, and of course fancy high-tech coffee bars wherever you go.

Each corporate technoplex is a sort of endless summer camp. But a summer camp for extremely smart and hard working people. On the other hand, maybe “work” is not the most accurate word for it, given how much people at these places seem to love what they are doing.

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