Edible chess

Today I got an idea for a new variant on an old game: Edible chess.

The basic idea is that each chess piece would be made of something yummy, like chocolate. The pawns would just be ordinary chocolate, the knights and bishops something fancier, maybe with almond or truffle filling, and the rooks fancier still, with the really good stuff reserved for the kings and queens.

The only rule would be that when you take a piece, you need to eat it. I don’t think kids would mind playing by those rules.

Needless to say, there should be a variant for older players, with the almond, fruit or truffle filling replaced by something a little more intoxicating. I, for one, would not mind getting a set for the holidays with a theme of Islay single malt Scotch.

2 thoughts on “Edible chess”

  1. Your last point essentially turns chess into a drinking game. The more pieces captured, the more inebriated the players become.

    This could lead to some really long matches, yes?

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