There is much talk these days about the future of Virtual/Augmented Reality being a lightweight pair of glasses that will just be part of our everyday lives. I have been guilty of such talk myself. 🙂

Of course, even people who work on Virtual Reality still think about tangible objects in the physical world. For example, when I visited Facebook / Oculus recently with some colleagues, we were each given, as a souvenir, a cool drinking glass with the Oculus logo etched into it.

As it happens, one of the other people in our group couldn’t attend. Our host, seeing how much I liked those drinking glasses, gave the extra one to me.

So I ended up flying back to NY with two of these in my carry-on backpack. I can attest that they are very well made, and make an excellent matched set. I find myself using them every day. Below you can see them as they are today in my real life kitchen.

This means I may very well be the first person in history to visit Facebook and walk out with a fully-functional pair of Oculus glasses.

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