YouTube comments

In order for comments to show up on this blog, I need to approve the commenter. So if I’ve already approved a comment from you, then your subsequent comments will automatically be approved.

Which means that from time to time I get a comment from someone new. If a comment is not blatant spam, it’s usually a really cool comment, and I happily approve it. But every once in a while, not so much.

Just in the last day I got a comment that was truly offensive. Not so much because it was trying to be offensive, but because the person writing it was attempting make a joke based on puerile ignorance. It was the sort of nasty uninformed comment whose validity would not have survived a three second Google search.

And I didn’t approve it. Because this is, after all, a curated space, intended for respectful and informed discussion, and I don’t want that sort of ugly energy here.

That’s what YouTube comments are for.

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