Monsters, virtual and otherwise

It was hard to get through the day today as though nothing had happened. Everyone I know was very aware of the carnage in Nice.

I have been to Carnivale in Nice, so I know that Nice is a particularly child-friendly place. Families celebrate together, and the sense of joy and connectedness is very beautiful.

Which makes it even more incomprehensible that a so-called “ideology” would call for the wholesale slaughter of little children. Clearly the killers in this case did not care whether their victims were Muslim — many of the dead and injured were, in fact, Muslims.

All of this on the same day as a possible military coup in Turkey. I say “possible” because the military claims success, while President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims the coup has failed.

I suspect that U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump may be very confused by these events. Isn’t Thanksgiving supposed to be in November? I eagerly await his tweets on the subject.

Meanwhile, in events even more virtual, I am told that Pokémon monsters have invaded Auschwitz. The historical site of the brutal mass genocide of Jews at the hands of the Nazis is now, apparently, a place where you can catch virtual monsters with your phone, courtesy of the latest craze in location-based entertainment.

Speaking of Donald Trump, I suspect he may have the last word on this topic as well. After all, his policy toward all those hard working people he doesn’t consider “real Americans” would have made perfect sense to the National Socialists:

Gotta catch them all!

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