Deep nap

After a lot of travel and way too much time working without a break, I find myself at my cousin’s house. These few days offer a rare interlude of quiet and relaxation.

And of course one of the very first things I did was take a nap. But not just any nap. One of those really long deep naps.

The kind of nap where, if this were a science fiction novel, I would awaken to find out that the laws of the Universe had shifted while I was asleep, that mushrooms have somehow become sentient and giant pterodactyls now roam the skies.

I’m sure you’ve had naps like that. You are so tired that your brain needs a complete reset, so your body rises to the occasion and says “OK brain, here’s your chance. Shutting down now for garbage collection and general maintenance.”

Having just now emerged from one of those blissful slumbers, I am feeling tired but happy, fully recharged and well rested. Dopamine levels are up, and all is right with the world.

And I am happy to report, from a cursory examination of the skies, that there are no pterodactyls overhead. Haven’t checked in yet on the mushrooms.

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