My speech

My fellow Americans,

From time to time I am asked to give a speech. I’ve decided that from now on I will always give the following speech. But first I would like to clarify a few things.

In writing my beautiful speech, my team of writers took notes on my life’s inspirations, and in some instances included fragments that reflected my own thinking. I think my immigrant experience and love for America shines through in my speech, which makes it such a success.

In other words, what follows is a completely original speech, by me. It is my speech. Tony Schwartz did not write this speech, any more than Jason Miller wrote the previous paragraph.

I was raised with these values: You work hard for what you want in life. That your word is your bond and you do what you say you are going to do and keep your promise. That you treat people with dignity and respect.

Pass those lessons on to the next generation and to the many generations to follow. Because we want our children, and all children in this nation, to know that the only limit to your achievements is the reach and strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.

Thank you.

† Sorry Jason Miller, I couldn’t resist.

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