This morning one of the clues in the NY Times crossword puzzle was “It occurs twice in chalk talk”. The answer was “Silent L”. I was really excited because Chalktalk is the name of my research software. So this morning I rallied my silent L’s and wrote a little poem in honor of the occasion:

I solved the puzzle in a walk
I knew, I think, I surely would
Not for a moment did I balk
Because I knew I really could
I did not suffer sweaty palms
And didn’t need to sprain a calf
In fact, I really had no qualms
And beat my fastest time by half
Yet all the while I stayed so calm
When all was done I ate an almond
Then sat right down and wrote this psalm
But stayed away from eggs with salmon *
 * Alas, I fear that many folk
   Will never really get the yolk

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