Blog days

Sometimes I marvel, when it comes time to post my daily blog, how much time has passed since the previous day’s post. I know that sounds strange. After all, wasn’t it just a day — no more, no less?

Well yes, in a strictly chronological sense. But here is where things get interesting. Sometimes it seems as though only minutes have passed since the previous day’s post. And that’s how I know it hasn’t been a very interesting day.

Other days, it feels as though a week or more has passed since I last posted — even though it was just the day before. And that means it’s been a very full day.

I don’t think that “full day” equates to how much I’ve gotten done, or even how much has happened. I think it’s more a matter of how many social context switches I’ve experienced on that day.

So if I’ve met with very different sorts of people, and taken on different social and professional roles, then a day can seem like a week. These are the most exhausting days.

I realize now, having just gone through one, that they are also the best days.

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