Today I made a robot

Well, not a real robot. Just a 3D computer animated robot. I did it as part of our Future Reality research, and the robot will be part of a larger research agenda.

But there was something satisfying in the act of creation itself. The moment you start to create a new animated character it begins to take on its own personality — one that is always a little surprising, a little unexpected. And this was no exception.

You can see it come to life by clicking on the below image.

To change the camera view you can drag left or right with your mouse (or with your finger if you’re reading this from a phone).

If you are viewing from a phone, the robot will display as a stereo pair, suitable for VR viewing. To toggle stereo on or off, just swipe downward.

It feels good to release a new robot character into the world. They look so cute when they’re young, don’t they? I hope it doesn’t grow up to be Skynet.

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