Defying the Nazis

This week I went to a number of events related to Virtual Reality. At one of those events I saw a description of a truly beautiful film, with a companion VR piece, Defying the Nazis, co-created by the celebrated documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.

The true story being told is of a daring rescue of 29 children from Nazi occupied France — children who otherwise would have been put to death simply for their ethnic identity. The film is transported to an entirely different plane by the way it uses virtual reality.

One of those children — now, 76 years later — is given the opportunity to view that long ago escape within immersive VR. Her response to the experience is a marvel to behold.

I am sure that all Americans will join me in agreeing that there can be no greater way to honor our country, no more powerful affirmation of our nation’s fundamental ideals, than our willingness to rescue innocent children from the threat of death or great suffering, and to welcome them into our land with open arms. I’m proud that I live in a country where every one of us can at least agree on that.

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