2,500,000 Hamiltons

Alexander Hamilton was a handsome fellow, as you can see from his picture on the U.S. ten dollar bill:


If you put two and a half million of those Hamiltons together, you get 25 million dollars. Which is how much our president-elect just paid out to settle his University fraud case.

But nobody is really talking about this embarrassing admission of dishonest dealing by the future leader of our country. Why? Because something far more newsworthy came up just in time.

It seems that our next Commander in Chief was deeply offended that people doing political theater were doing political theater. Enough so that he went on the attack with a Twitter storm. Before you knew it, everyone had forgotten all about the $25,000,000.

By the time anybody remembers to think about that again, it will be old news. We now know, all too well, that in this new information age old news is no news. And nobody knows this better than our president-elect.

Some people around here say Donald Trump is not very intelligent. But they are clearly wrong. After all, who else has the talent to put down one Hamilton in order to make 2,500,000 other Hamiltons disappear from sight?

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  1. Adam Gravois says:

    Well put. I also appreciated the Hamilton cast’s response but you’re right, it sucked the air out of what should’ve been the headline of the day.

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