Making coffee in the morning

South by South West was wonderful, a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of fascinating people and events. It will take me time to process all of the varied and thought provoking conversations I had during the heady compressed days of the conference.

But also wonderful was being home again, back in my apartment. Waking up in the morning, making coffee reading the newspaper, doing the crossword puzzle. These prosaic touchstones of every day existence are easy to take for granted, but you really start to notice them when you have gone too long without them.

The first morning I was back from SXSW I made myself a nice little pot of coffee. And it was delightful, just going through the familiar ritual of preparing the coffee and drinking it.

It was so delightful, in fact, that I turned right around and made myself a second pot of coffee. It may seem simple, but it felt like pure luxury.

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