These immigrants

I guess it’s easy to understand the resistance toward these immigrants to the United States. Strangers coming to our shores with their odd ways, bringing an alien culture with them.

Many of them are poor and uneducated. They worship some strange religion that differs from ours in many ways. A lot of Americans are concerned that these immigrants will follow the teachings and leadership of their weird religion, rather than respecting the secular laws of our beautiful democracy.

They dress oddly, and they talk with a funny accent. Sometimes you can’t even understand what they are saying. Their music is different, and they seem to prefer to stick with their own kind.

Of course some Americans will actually side with these invading hoards. “Hey,” such people might say, “maybe one day those immigrants’ children and grandchildren will rise through society, become well educated. Maybe even graduate from Harvard. Maybe even become President!”

But even that feels like a threat. These first immigrants may already be taking low paying jobs that we could be getting. Now it seems their grandchildren will take the high paying jobs too.

Perhaps those grandchildren will even start to think that they are real Americans. In their confusion about their own questionable origins, they might even object to some future wave of impoverished immigrants.

Of all the nerve! Who do these immigrants think they are?

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!

2 Responses to “These immigrants”

  1. itc says:

    Maybe amerindians were colons too,
    and its the tragedy of this new world’s inhabitants,
    to be wiped out and replaced every now and then

    Or maybe the Mother of Exiles,
    mighty woman with a torch,
    grow tired with age to lift her lamp beside the golden door

    Funny to see how extrems
    often came hand to hand:
    welcoming colossi on the east,
    blocking fence on the south

    Curious now to see what will happens
    to the north and west

  2. admin says:

    To the north, it depends how bad things get here.

    We will need to see what happens once Trump’s proposed budget kicks in, and people who voted for him in places like Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin lose access to low income home energy assistance, neighborhood development assistance, Great Lakes restoration, affordable healthcare, the Coast Guard, and other programs they have been relying on to make ends meet.

    Maybe they will end up needing to get across the border before the Canadians build that wall and make us pay for it.

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