An actual patriot

We don’t seem to have too many patriots in the U.S. these days. Yet today I read about recent statements by Stephen Colbert that, for once, give me hope for my country.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up to a rapacious conman who is systematically destroying your country from within, who is pushing hateful policies guaranteed to cause terrible suffering and tragedy for millions of hard working citizens, and for the worst of all possible reasons: Simply to line his own pockets with cash.

As an American, I am proud of Stephen Colbert for his courage, his unflinching willingness to expose villainy and vile behavior, and for his unwillingness to pretend to show respect to a shameful public figure who has taken crudity, hate-mongering, offensiveness and downright disgusting behavior to a new level.

Stephen Colbert should be given a Medal of Freedom for his valuable service to our country. Unfortunately, we will first need to wait until our country has an actual President to pin it on him.

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  1. Hitoshi says:

    Yes, I love Stephen Colbert late show, too.
    I recently started watching old archives of late show, I was impressed he also invited the people who opposed his believe, including Trump himself and try to discuss the issues. Usually the one part even doesn’t to try to talk the other side, but he tries to bridge the other side.
    — Hitoshi

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