The first thing that came into my head

There are things one is proud of for the right reasons, and things one is proud of for the wrong reasons. This is probably an example of the second sort of pride, and I’m ok with that.

At our AR in Action conference last week, at some point I entered the auditorium and somebody suggested that I join the artist’s panel. Which, as it happens, was already in progress.

The atmosphere felt very serious. It was clear that the artists on the panel had been engaged in a heated debate about the relationship between Augmented Reality and art.

It was also clear that people had strong opinions on the subject. But since I hadn’t been in the room for that discussion, I wasn’t quite prepared for the very first question one of the other panelists threw at me.

Firmly grasping her hand-held microphone and fixing me with a steely gaze, my fellow panelist wished to know where I stood on the issue. “How,” she asked me, “do you make art out of AR?”

I said the very first thing that came into my head, which was probably just as well. I told her: “You add a ‘t'”.

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