A mighty oak falling

How strange that Yahoo is gone. Today, in fact, was the last day of its existence.

It was such a huge and influential company in its time. Back in the dotcom boom Yahoo was the very symbol of internet success.

It’s a bit like seeing a mighty oak falling in the forest. You know that the once invincible tree is hollow inside, yet you still stand in awe at the sight of a fallen giant.

I guess it’s good to remember that no corporation, no matter its reach or power, is immune from such a fate. Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, Sun Microsystems, TWA, Eastern and Pan Am, EF Hutton and PaineWebber, Standard Oil, Woolworths and Westinghouse, so many more, were towering giants in their day, seemingly invulnerable. Yet they are all gone.

I look at Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook, and ponder that possibility. As indestructable as they may seem now, in twenty years any of them might be just a memory.

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