Economic matchmakers

There should be some sort of organized matchmaking organization. One the one hand there are brilliant creative individuals who create potential value, and on the other hand there are entrepreneurial individuals who would best understand how to convert that potential value into money within the marketplace.

Sometimes these people manage to find each other, but the process seems to be disorganized and haphazard. There are so many factors to consider, including geography, timing, personality, and sufficient shared technical understanding.

Even when you think you have found that “special business someone”, many things can go wrong. And then there is the possibility that you will never find anyone at all to complement your vision.

Shouldn’t there be a sort of equivalent of for creative geniuses and business development geniuses who want to pair up with just the right other half? Or does such a thing already exist?

2 Responses to “Economic matchmakers”

  1. itc says:

    Is it not the point of crowdfunding services (..kind of) ? Otherwise I think of AngelList which is for more serious funder to back newly created startup, it could be a better match !

  2. admin says:

    Crowdfunding services are sort of like throwing a mixer and inviting people to find each other there. I’m thinking of something more like a personal matchmaker.

    I think AngelList provides funding opportunities once the team is already formed, which is great, but somewhat different.

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