A room with a view

Today I arrived in Brighton England for the Develop computer games conference. The first decision to be made was in which room I would stay at the Hilton Metropole hotel.

Apparently there was a choice: Either I could have a really big room (which is what they assumed I would want), or I could have a really tiny room looking out over the beach and the sea (actually the English Channel).

I unhesitatingly opted for a room with a view. When I arrived at my room, it was indeed small — although I prefer the more upbeat appellation “cozy”.

Then when I opened the shades, a magnificent view of the beach and the water beyond stretched out before me. I was in heaven.

To me, it is obvious, given a choice between a large room with a view of the parking lot, and a small room with a room of the English Channel, that one should choose the latter. Yet it occurs to me that this may not be an opinion universally held.

Clearly I am one of those people who cares more about virtual space (space you can see), rather than physical space (space you can walk around in). Could it be that each human lies upon a spectrum? On one end you have the visual space lovers, and on the other end you have the physical space lovers.

I’m not sure we will ever be able to make both of these groups happy.

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