The surprising price of avocados in London

This week at a local market in London we purchased these 22 fresh avocados for a total cost of three quid. When I worked out the exchange rate (a bit less than four U.S. dollars), that total came out to be just about 1/15 the cost, per avocado, of the most recent avocado I purchased in New York City.

I am happy to report that all the avocados were perfectly ripe and delicious. We made lots and lots of guacamole!

2 Responses to “The surprising price of avocados in London”

  1. Harry McIntyre says:

    Where was this?! These are not ordinary prices!

  2. admin says:

    This was at the market near Clerkenwell. As to the wonderfully low price, I suspect the lady selling them was trying to get rid of them before the market closed.

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