Emerging trends in gangster fashion

When I was in LA my cousin told me that in order to discourage gangs, the local government had passed an interesting ordinance: People who were suspected of being gang members were not permitted to talk with each other in public.

I found the entire concept of this approach to law enforcement to be somewhat mind blowing. I understand the logic behind it — it could very well be an effective means to deter gang activity. Yet it also means that under the right circumstances, simply talking to your friend on the street is a crime.

I told my cousin that one way around this law would be for these individuals to become mimes. They could completely embrace the mime culture — white face paint, gloves, striped shirt with suspenders, maybe a little bowler hat.

I can already picture them, walking abreast, doing their slow motion power walk: Roving gangs of feral mimes.

The streets of Los Angeles would never be the same.

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