A shift in perception

Usually when I go out of town I spend pretty much all of my time in a professional context. Either I’m participating in a workshop, or helping with demos at a conference, or giving a talk at a corporation that I’m hoping will fund our lab’s research.

This last trip, just ended, to Dublin, was also professionally related — I was serving as External Examiner for the Masters in Interactive Digital Media program at Trinity College. But I also took some time around the edges.

I traveled down the eastern coast of Ireland and walked the coastal trail from Greystones to Bray. I visited the lighthouse up in Howth and wandered through the ruins of thirteenth century castles in Dalkey.

Now that I am back in NY, life no longer seems to be all about the next meeting, the next deadline, the next item on my to-do list. Yes, all of those things are still there, but there’s something else.

I’m looking around NYC differently, viewing my surroundings with different eyes. Things here appear fresher and a bit more exciting, as though I am seeing them for the first time.

It seems that when you open yourself up to seeing new places, it creates a shift in your perception. Every place you go starts to attain a shimmer of newness and possibility. Even home.

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