Future theater

We are all working away here at the Future Reality Lab on a theater piece. The show will be an historical first: a live theatrical performance with multiple actors and audience all in the same room sharing an experience entirely in Virtual Reality.

Everyone will be able to walk around freely on their own two feet, and will appear in their actual position in the room. In that sense it will be a kind of theater in the round, with audience members able to directly engage with the performers — just like in real life.

Except unlike in real life, the actors will appear as fantasy creatures, and the laws of physics will be extremely flexible, to say the least. Characters will be able to change size from very small to very large, and the audience will be able to stroll from one world into another as the story progresses.

We have several weeks left to finish pre-production before the opening performance, and everyone here is very excited. It’s going to be a lot of work, but if all goes well it will be worth it.

I wonder how Alan Crosland and his crew felt back in 1927 while they were working on The Jazz Singer. Did they realize that they were creating the future?

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