Unpacking the travel ban, part 2

Continuing from yesterday — with many thanks to a extremely zealous reader…

The larger problem with Trump’s politically motivated travel ban is not that it denies individuality. The larger problem is that his ludicrous version of “policy” is taking the place of the serious work of screening for very real terrorists.

My message to Trump supporters who enjoy pretending that their Reality Show star hero playing to his base is engaged in some sort of actual policy: Try not to wallow overly long in your own deceptive feeling of self importance or, worse, self defined rationality.

Banning the populations of entire countries, which is completely irrelevant to the very real and serious problem of national security, while refusing to engage in the difficult work of screening for truly dangerous individuals, is simply irresponsible.

Distracting everybody with a sideshow while not screening for the actual people who have declared, usually while holding severed heads, that they want to destroy America or some other country is a textbook definition of suicide. Demanding that others join you in the mass suicide is called mass murder.

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