And it’s a wrap!

This evening we wrapped our production of Holojam in Wonderland at Snug Harbor. Everyone on our crew was exhausted but satisfied.

There were many things we might have done differently, given more time to workshop or a larger budget, but this production was a valid statement of where we are now, and a shot across the bow declaring our vision for future theater. We had just staged four full days of a multi-actor, multi-audience live magical realist play, with everyone in the same room and wearing untethered VR headsets.

As we wrapped, I realized that all the questions we’d been too busy to ask were now once again on the table. Having seen what is possible, we will now need to set about making it even better.

As I said to one of my collaborators this evening, because I was sure she was old enough to get the reference: This wasn’t our Shea Stadium. This was our Hamburg.

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